What Is Monero (Xmr) and How Does It Work

The importance of cryptocurrencies in our modern-day finance has not only been for their ease in facilitating cross-border payment or their role as a store of value; some people prefer to use digital currencies for anonymity. While Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies excel in the first two importance of crypto, no cryptocurrency ranks above Monero […]

Popular stablecoin moves reserves from Tron to Ethereum.

Redot crypto exchange allows you buy cryptocurrencies with some of the most advanced tools. Now that Ethereum hosts the most reserves of the tether stablecoin, you can find Redot’s exchange handy. After what happened to the Terra ecosystem some weeks ago, Tether is reacting by moving some of its stablecoins to Ethereum. Avalanche will also […]

Two major points that will determine Ethereum price: $2k or nothing.

While we were looking at top proof of stake coins, the ethereum price chart showed that the coin has not yet gotten an upward channel since the crypto-wide crash that happened on May 12. Ethereum dropped to $1790, and the resistance of $2,000 has not been breached. Although this is a disturbing stat, it is […]

Want to know what to expect when ethereum merges?

A major event is happening in the Ethereum community on June 8. No, it’s not Redot launching new tokens, even though that has been long-awaited. This time, the Ropsten Testnet merge will go live. This is one of the precursors to ETH 2 reaching widespread adoption and the results shown from the Testnet Merge will […]

Major Hint of Ethereum going live this year by Ethereum devs

Before we go into the major details of this article, if you’re interested in trading crypto spot or futures market on an exchange, the Redot crypto exchange might just offer that mix of excitement and effectiveness. Apart from being EU certified, it also offers near-zero commission fees and extra trading tools to make your experience […]

Utility vs Equity tokens: Important details about both.

Bitcoin high-risk makes for the current misconception of its place as a coin or token. There is a lot of discussion in the crypto space about types of tokens and what differentiates them from coins. Do you have the answers? So, what are they, and which one is right for your project? Here’s a detailed […]


The growing level of interest rate in the United States of America is worrying, not only to Americans but to the global community. The American government can’t continue to increase interest rates for too long; soon, it’ll reverse its decision and things will return as they were, many analysts have postulated. This growing sentiment in […]


When we talk about blockchain technology, we’re quick to talk about democratisation, freedom from the shackles of oppressive powers in government, and the likes. Rarely do we talk about the security issues with decentralised finance. Rarely do we talk about the lack of privacy with users on blockchain. It is as though we’d rather talk […]


When the prices of stock started falling a few weeks ago, many were optimistic that the decline was temporal. Only a few days, they’d hoped. But the recent reds have left traders and investors worried. The price fluctuations have neither helped to know chainlink price prediction in 2025, nor helped traders stop seeing reds on […]